Spartanburg Gun Club is a member-managed club. Members manage all operations. This includes maintenance of the equipment, buildings and grounds, and the lake. Officers of the club are elected annually at the club meeting held in February of each year. These elected officers include a President and Vice-President in addition to Committee Chairmen for the different sports, the lake, and the buildings and grounds. The President and Vice-President join a permanent 5-member Board of Governors to make up a 7 person Board of Directors.

Membership Dues
Membership is open to all. The dues are paid on an annual basis and are due January 1st each year. Dues are pro-rated for members joining after January 1.

Currently the dues are as follows:

First year as a member Initiation fee – $200.00
Annual dues – $250.00 (will be prorated for new members)

A $26 non-refundable charge for criminal background check will be required for those who do not have a current SC CWP or law enforcement ID we can make a copy of.

Members of the club are provided a membership card for display when on the grounds and for gate access.  Guests of members are allowed to visit three times before having to become a member of the club.

We will make an exception to allow guests who are valid members of an organized Gun Club or an ATA, NSSA, or NSCA member with proof of membership, but after three visits a full SGC membership will be required.